Cold weather leaves players shivering, columnist grouchy
by Monty Stagner
Apr 23, 2008 | 0 0 comments | 4 4 recommendations | email to a friend | print
Great day in the morning, I’ve heard it all now friends. Another school has banned kids playing tag from playground activities. No running! Yep, fear of lawsuits rules the world. I would venture a guess that 75% of all school decisions are based on how they would hold up in court. A kid could be failing all their classes and not a peep from the parent, but any perceived slight will bring them in screaming bloody murder (with a hand out for that almighty nuisance suit check). And while I’m at it, “no child left behind” also means “no child gets ahead”.

Here a little truism: we all ain’t going to make it. Some will go far; some won’t get out of the gate, that’s a fact. Those that work harder will go farther than those that choose not to, that’s a fact of life; “The American way of life.” Now if the powers that be ever figure out that you can’t legislate motivation and success we’ll have a start to righting the ship. And when parents take back the job of raising their kids we’ll have a crew to run it. Until then, no running, no competing, and no motivating, or I’ll see you in court!

You see what the dismal weather has done to me? I want to write happy stuff. I want to write about taking pretty pictures. I want to take pretty pictures. Cold rain bring out the Mr. Wilson in me (Oscar the Grouch for you post Dennis the Menace folk). But here I am grating my teeth when I hear someone say 24/7. Twenty four seven. That’s so much easier than saying “all the time” isn’t it? 24/7/365. Twenty four seven three hundred sixty five. Is that better than “all the time”? Pass a law against that kind of talk Congressmen, and make them pull their pants up while you’re at it. Next week I promise to write an uplifting, humorous and maybe even inspired article, after I dry and thaw out!

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