Stagner elaborates on recent statements in column
by Monty Stagner
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“Live and learn,” that’s my motto. It used to be “live fast and die young” but I’ve shot past the “young” part like a fence post at 90mph. So what have I learned recently, now that the sun is out and I feel much better? When you say something some may consider harsh in casual conversation, it can be brushed off as being misunderstood, misguided or even mis-heard. Let the same ex-mophead put the same thought in a well respected and widely circulated newspaper and you have a completely different kettle of fish. It can be re-read, twisted and used against the now humbled miscreant in a number of ways. The good news is I now know my email is working. I also noticed I wasn’t getting those warm calls from some of my favorite relatives. For those of you lucky enough to have missed my foul weather ink fits I’ll bring you up to speed as I try to make amends with those I have offended.

First things first, I have nothing against the Democratic Party. My off the cuff observations regarding the two liberal presidential candidates were intended only to slam them, the candidates. It had nothing to do with my family who are yellow dog democrats and proudly wear the t-shirts with the yellow lab picture on the front. I made the horrifying blunder thinking they would see the humor in the weaknesses of their candidates. I’ll say this right here and now, to be printed with quality ink on exceptional paper and circulated through-out the United States and abroad: All democrats are right about all things political all the time. There you have it momma, Aunt Pat and Aunt Sally. I was wrong and really would like to be welcomed back to family dinners. I miss those chicken tenders and mashed potatoes! And for my Republican friends, hopefully we can get a vice presidential candidate whose first name rhymes with Wit and everything will be OK.

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