Trigg County Open Golf Championship: My second attempt to get this started
by Mike Wright, Cadiz Record Columnist
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Yet another year has passed and Trigg County does not have a countywide golf championship.

We have plenty of golfers in our county. We just lack an organized tournament to prove who is the best. Hopkinsville just held their city amateur tournament and Mitchell Moore won for the fourth time. While it is probably too late for Trigg County to plan one for this year, I propose the following plan for 2011.

First and foremost, I recommend putting Jerry Faris in charge of the tournament. I have not discussed this with Jerry, but I guarantee that would mean a well-run tournament. Jerry also possesses the golf knowledge to pull this off.

The rest are all my ideas. I would like to see a Trigg County Championship held in the middle of the summer beginning next year. This would hopefully ensure that our college students could compete. The tournament should be a two-day event featuring 18 holes at Lake Barkley State Resort Park’s Boots Randolph Golf Course and then 18 more at Arrowhead Golf Course. Each year, there could be a flip flop of which course hosts the first round and which hosts the final day. The rounds would be played on a Saturday and Sunday. Divisions would include youth (high school age and under), men’s, seniors and super seniors. There would be women’s divisions that parallel the men’s.

One rule that would be a necessity would be that all participants must be residents of Trigg County to enter. The only exception would be college students who still have a home base in Trigg County but are gone for most of the year. All participants would pay regular greens fees to play and a small fee to the tournament. Awards would be given to the winners in each division.

As soon as this column hits the newsstands, the talk will begin about who is the best. In discussing this column with a few people, I heard plenty of opinions. Here are some of the random quotes I happened across over the past few days. The quotes are not from me, I am just passing them along.”

“Jackie Sholar is the best, period.”

“Nobody can beat the Mitchell boys, Tyler and Curt.”

“John Sumner can compete with anybody. He has the total game and has played in several tournaments like you are proposing.”

“Bradley Sutherland was conference champion while in college at Translyvania.”

“Is Jordan McNichols playing much? He was pretty good at one time.”

“Steve Parrent won a club championship at Barkley a few years back, beat all comers.”

“John Mark Vinson can go months without playing and be as good as ever.”

“Kyle Hensley is the best I have ever played with around here.”

“Cole Gardner may only be a freshman in high school, but he can play with anybody on a day-to-day basis.”

“Nick Choate is another talented young golfer who can compete and would be one.”

“What about Darrin and Mike Morris? Do they live in Trigg County? They would be favorites if they do.”

“Jonathan King played nearly every day this summer. How would he fare?”

“Michael Stinnett is as good as anybody around here. He can play, period.”

“Wayne Taylor, now there is a guy that can hit it. Is he a senior yet?” Sorry Wayne, someone was just questioning how old you are.

“Joe Hodge at one time was the best around here from 1990 to 2000.”

There are several seniors that would compete for the title. I heard names such as Dalton Hancock, Jim Martin, Preston Freeland, Jerry Faris, Don Webster, Ron Anderson, David Shore, Jim Strelec and others.

How about the women’s side of the tournament? I keep hearing that “no one can touch Jamie Towler Choate.” Any challengers?

In closing, I have one comment to offer on the subject of the best golfer in Trigg County. It is simply my opinion. The favorites in the open division would have to be the tandem of the Mitchell brothers, Tyler and Curt. They are both young, talented and currently playing college golf. They are at the top of their game. However, I am predicting that you must look to the farm to find Trigg County’s best golfer. My pick is a man that is now in his 40s and spends more time with farming and family than he does with golf. You are more likely to find him in a tobacco barn than on a golf course. Just remember this, he can still play. My pick is MATT ROGERS!

OT: I am sure I have left several competent golfers off my list. It is simply because I don’t know them all or an error of omission...not intentional.


The rules were the following. I got assessed a point for every ball I lost and he got one for every birdie he made. He may never beat me at that game.

Enthusiasm Makes the Difference Mike Wright is the head coach of boys basketball and cross country at Trigg County High School. Emails concerning Coach’s Corner can be sent to
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