Monty laments gas prices, anticipates summer ball
by Monty Stagner
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Pull up a chair, we need to talk. As most of my dedicated readers know I abide by advice given me by my wizened father years ago: “don’t tell people your problems son, half of them don’t care and the other half are glad you got ‘em.” Good solid advice, but I’m making the exception this one time. I’m broke. Yep, if they were selling steam boats 2 for a dollar all I could do is run up and down the river bank slapping my thigh yelling “man, ain’t they cheap!” You’ll find me hanging around the concession stand now waiting for a kid to drop his hotdog in the gravel and run off crying while I quickly pick it up and head to the water fountain/hotdog cleaner for a rinse. If a trip to China cost only a dime, I couldn’t afford to get out of sight. “What happened snapshot?” I can hear those of you who are concerned enough to query. What happened is I had to fill up my work truck with now very precious gasoline. If someone had told me 10 years ago I would someday own a truck that held a hundred bucks worth of gas I would have assumed a great turn of events would be taking place and I would surprisingly become a long haul truck driver. Or at the very least I would own a cigarette boat or travel trailer that required a 2 ton luxury truck to get me from one breathtaking local to another. Not the Ford F150 with my name on the side pushing home décor I drive everyday. Not a regular ole pick-up truck, a 2 wheel drive truck with crank windows. But that’s the sad story I had to share. I remember when I had a brand new Fiat 850 coupe that held 10 gallons. Cost me $3.20 to fill it when it was bone dry. It’s just too much swing for one lifetime. I used to know an old man who had done very well for himself who told me how he hated hearing people of his vintage telling of the good old days when hamburgers were a nickel. He said the times are better now with hamburgers at $5, because he has $5 and he didn’t have the nickel way back then. But $4 a gallon for gas, c’mon! Even I can’t find anything funny in that!

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