Frog Gigger supporter pulls legs for pole funds
by Monty Stagner
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As I reverently replaced my Nikon with a laptop to make my small contribution to the reading public, the usual weekly question once again arose, “what should I write about this time?” Usually I write about a game or two, or maybe a player. Sometimes (okay, most of the time) I write about things I find humorous about myself or those around me and just hope you, my most caring and forgiving reader, don’t think me the complete fool.

But as an ex-Cadiz Record honcho and fellow wordsmith, Richard Wimsatt, used to say, “Sometimes, you gotta’ stir the pot”. As most my faithful readers will attest, usually when I “stir the pot”, I spend the next few weeks “un-stirring” and apologizing to all concerned. So, all that being said, I’m going to don my rented Kevlar bulletproof vest and a borrowed pith helmet and shamelessly “stir the pot”!

As a certified citizen of Trigg County, I am concerned how our hard earned tax money is spent. I have been blessed with two kids that have benefited from the excellent education offered here and were (are) active in several of the sports programs, also known as extracurricular activities.

I checked in my Webster’s dictionary and found “extracurricular” means extra, secondary, additional, supplemental, etc. You get the picture.

That being said, do I think the taxpayers should pay for all the “extras” like baseball, football and soccer?


Should the school help? Sure. And it should be in direct proportion to how much money it brings in or to what extent it promotes our hometown or school.

If someone starts a frog gigging team, I would want the school, after many meetings, to supply the kids with some sticks, and that’s about it. The Frog Giggers Booster Club can take care of the rest.

No taxpayer money is used for the baseball team’s trip to Florida, the funds come from what the parents in the Diamond Club raise along with the players.

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