Cadiz restaurants pass inspection with no critical violations
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Information for the restaurant reports comes from the Trigg County Health Department or the Pennyrile District Health Department. A minimum score of 85 with no critical violations is considered passing.

Restaurants can increase their scores by correcting critical violations while the inspector is present. Inspectors will conduct a follow-up inspection if the score is less than 85 or if there is a critical violation.

Betty’s Kitchen – 9133 South Road

Score: 99

The report mentioned a need of floor repairs in the kitchen area, and it was noted that food must be labeled once it is removed from its original packaging.

China Buffet – 1863 Main St.

Score: 88

Violations included storing items in the sink, having uncovered food in the refrigerator and freezer, having cutting boards that are in poor condition, having an unclean employee restroom, storing food in grocery sacks, having improper test kits, using a paint bucket as a wipe cloth container, having unclean sink handles, and having unclean floors, walls, and ceilings that are also in poor repair.

The restaurant was also told to put a thermometer in all freezer units, was told not to keep cleaners in the restroom, and was told to keep hot bars at 140 degrees or to throw food away every four hours.

None of the violations were critical in nature.

Cracker Barrel – 74 Hospitality Lane

Score: 100

No violations were mentioned, although it was mentioned that the restaurant “looks good.”

Cadiz Family Restaurant – 324 Main St.

Score: 90

Violations included a misbranded food container in the kitchen, uncleaned saw blades on the meat saw, outside storage areas that aren’t insect or rodent proof, including an open grease trap and a dumpster with no lids, unclean ceilings and floors in the storage area, and personal items that were found in the food storage area.

None of the violations were critical in nature.

El Bracero – 80 Merchant St.

Score: 100

No violations were mentioned, although the report stated it was “very clean and organized.”

Ferrell’s Restaurant – Main St.

Score: 92

Violations included food being stored on the floor, duct tape being used as a repair material and a refrigeration unit in poor repair, as well as uncleaned floors, walls and ceilings in poor repair, personal items in the food area, and a soda machine that needs to be cleaned. It was also noted that smoking isn’t permitted in the food prep area.

None of the violations were critical in nature.

Granny’s Kountry Kitchen – 4507 Canton Road

Score: 98

Violations included improperly labeled food and single service items stored on the floor, though none were critical items.

Hot Diggity Dog – 13 Marion St.

Score: 100

No violations were mentioned, and it was said the restaurant “looks good.”

KFC/Taco Bell – 87 Hospitality Lane

Score: 98

It was mentioned that both the floors and equipment need to be cleaned frequently, but the violations were not critical in nature.

Lake Barkley State Park Dining Room – Lake Barkley State Resort Park

Score: 94

Violations included storing food on the floor in the walk-in freezer, wood shelves that needed to be cleaned, cold water not working at the hand sink, other sinks in disrepair, and a leak in the air conditioning unit. None of the violations were critical in nature.

Main Street Pizza – 31 Commerce St.

Score: 93

Violations included food being stored uncovered under the table, an ice scoop that was stored in the ice machine, a ceiling in poor repair, utensils that weren’t inverted, although more were corrected during the course of the inspection. None of the remaining violations were critical in nature.

McDonald’s – 5878 Hopkinsville Road

Score: 99

The report cited was that the hand sink was out of order, although it wasn’t a critical violation. It was also mentioned that the dumpster was clean and organized.

Patty Sue Family Restaurant – 1842 Canton Road

Score: 92

Violations included unlabeled food in the refrigeration units and freezer, uncovered food in the freezer, lack of hair restraints, an ice scoop stored in the ice cooler, walls, floors and a ceiling that needed to be cleaned, although none of the violations were critical in nature.

Porky’s – Main Street

Score: 100

It was noted that food should be kept at 140 degrees and should be reheated at 165 degrees, but that otherwise it looked good.

Subway – 1093 Canton Road

Score: 98

The violation cited was that the drink nozzles had accumulation, but this wasn’t a critical violation, and the restaurant looked clean otherwise.

Sonic Drive-In – 1628 Main St.

Score: 100

It was noted that smoking isn’t allowed in the food prep area, but it was also said that the restaurant looked good.

Wendy’s – 100 Broadbent Blvd.

Score: 100

It was noted that ceiling tiles should be put back into place.

Wallonia Café – 16 Blackhawk Road

Score: 96

Violations included foil-lined shelves, duct tape used on the refrigerator, unshielded lights and a wipe cloth bucket violation, but none of the violations were critical in nature.
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