Canine Secret Investigator - Chapter 10
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“Read it again, Chloe!” my brother begged as the doctor finished sewing up his ear and bandaging the cut on his paw.

“Alright, Woody,” I answered, happy that my brother was OK.

The Las Vegas News

Oar Rescues Earthquake Victims

By Sam Irwin

Two wiener dogs are being deemed heroes this morning after bravely rescuing injured victims during last night’s earthquake. Dogwood and his sister Chloe, two miniature dachshunds from Kentucky, were attending the circus when the 7.4 magnitude earthquake shook through Las Vegas at approximately 8:42pm, resulting in blocks of damage.

Dogwood, aka Woody, recalled hearing a huge crash before realizing circus equipment had collapsed, trapping several individuals. The pups took action once their parents felt it was safe to move. Using binoculars, a magnifying glass, oars, and even a harmonica, these two hotshot hot dogs put their own lives on the line during the rescue.

“I used binoculars and looked for injured people and animals, as well as downed power lines,” Chloe said. “I saw several people trapped under fallen equipment. Woody and I used our magnifying glass to get an up close view and make sure there weren’t electrical wires where the people were trapped.”

“There were several people underneath the equipment. After we moved what equipment we could, we noticed a lady had a broken leg so my sister and I tied one of our oars to her leg to keep it straight until the ambulance arrived. Her little girl was sobbing loudly so I played a song on my harmonica to calm her down.” Woody described.

“Those two wiener dogs saved me and my daughter. I can’t wait to reward them for their unselfish heroism!” replied a famous Las Vegas celebrity from her home. During the interview she asked to remain anonymous.

While the pups weren’t injured during the earthquake, Woody slipped on a banana peel while leaving the circus and suffered minor cuts and bruises.

“Wow! We made the newspaper. We’re famous! Who do you think the celebrity was, Chloe?” Woody asked me for the third time in 15S minutes.

“I don’t know, Woody. All that matters is that we helped her,” I replied.

“The detective in me says we’re going to do some investigative work and figure out the mystery celebrity. I wish I had taken her paw, uh, fingerprints before the paramedics loaded her in the ambulance. At least I have the cloth I used to hold pressure on her leg. Maybe I can test the BMA.”

“It’s DNA, little man,” the doctor informed Woody, laughing as he finished putting in the last stitch.

“Let’s not worry about that now, son,” Dad said as he gave Woody and me a kiss and told us how proud he was of us.

“We’ve had a long day,” Mom said. “As soon as the doctor releases Woody, we’re going to the hotel and get a good night’s sleep.”

I looked at my brother and he let out a big yawn. “It has been a long day,” Woody said sleepily. “We’ve been through airplane turbulence, rough waves, stage fright, and an earthquake! That’s too much bad stuff for a wiener dog to handle.”

“Yes, but look at all the good things that happened,” Mom continued. “You were able to fly in an airplane and hot air balloon, you saw a part of the United States you had never seen, you found the leak in the Hoover Dam, you received a standing ovation at the circus, and you rescued someone in need. Sure we had some tough times, but you and Chloe rose to every challenge and made the best of every situation. Remember Woody, we can’t always be the hero. There’ll always be embarrassing moments and tough times. We just have to do our best even when we make mistakes or misunderstand – like when a certain someone in our family brought his oars along because he saw the word ROW on the plane ticket.”

“But didn’t ROW mean we would be rowing on this trip?” Woody asked.

“Not even close,” Mom smiled and said.

“If ROW didn’t mean we’d be rowing, what did it mean?” my brother asked.

“It was the airport code for the Roswell airport,” Mom informed Woody. “It had nothing to do with rowing, but aren’t you glad you brought your oars?”

Woody just smiled, closed his eyes, and began to snore. His paws were wrapped tightly around the newspaper. The doctor told Mom and Dad that Woody was all stitched up and ready to go. As we headed to the hotel, Dad carried Woody, Mom carried the backpack, and I carried the oar.
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