Murders in Norway a potential warning sign to Americans
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To the Editor:

Last week, a Norwegian, Anders Behring Breivik, sent a warning that Americans ought to heed but probably won’t. Breivik set off a bomb that destroyed government buildings in Oslo. He then went on a killing rampage and murdered more than 90 people. The picture that is emerging of Breivik is that he is a right-wing anti-government extremist whose actions were motivated by opposition to immigration and Islamophobia rooted in Christian fundamentalist ideology.

Lest we forget, the worst terrorist attack in U. S. history prior to 9-11 was the Oklahoma City bombing, and that Timothy McVeigh’s motive was much the same as Breivik’s. So was that of the Huttaree “Christian” militia when they plotted to kill a policeman in Indiana and them ambush his funeral procession with roadside bombs. Their goal was to start civil war that would overthrow the “Satanic” U.S. government, and replace it with a “Christian” theocracy.

This poisonous religious ideology permeates American culture. Television preachers like John Hagee and Harold Camping predict the Apocalypse. Glenn Beck spews conspiracy theories. It even happens in Trigg County. Last year, a Baptist church invited an organization called the Underground Church to run a weekend retreat in which children were told to make-believe that the U. S. had been taken over by a regime called GAG (Government Against God). No harm intended, I’m sure. But is putting gas on the fire ever harmless?

It is time to stop this apocalyptic, conspiracy-mongering nonsense before it gives rise to a “Christian” version of al-Qaeda.

Ricky Dale Calhoun

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