COACH'S CORNER: Bad night for the Cardinals
by Mike Wright, Cadiz Record Columnist
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Before I even get started with this week’s column, let me first put out a disclaimer. This disclaimer is directed straight toward anyone holding an office with the PETA organization, PETA as in People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals. OK, here goes. I am not advocating or condoning any of the violent actions perpetrated by a certain cat in this story. I am just reporting the facts.

Ok, now that the above statement is out of the way, let’s get to the aforementioned facts. Sunday night started out pretty routine for me. I attended church, came home, had a little supper and finished a couple of little jobs in my trophy business. One of the jobs I finished was some refurbishing on a trophy that belonged to Kevin Stroud. I called Kevin at about 8:30 p.m. and asked if I could bring the trophy on over. Kevin said that would be fine. Moments later, I reached Kevin’s house on Main Street in Cadiz. As I approached the front porch, Kevin and Shannon Knight greeted me. Shannon was in town and had stopped by to visit Kevin. Well, inevitably only seconds later, the stories began to flow, each one being better than the one before. In order to save you time, I am just bringing you the best of the best, so here goes.

As everyone with a pulse knows, Kentucky played Louisville on Saturday night in New Orleans in the national semifinals. On that night, Kevin Stroud had ridden his motorcycle to Clarksville to take care of a few errands. As Kevin started home, he realized he was missing the game. Kevin decided to stop in at Hooters and get some food and watch the first half before he made the trek home. Upon returning to his Main Street residence, Kevin took in the end of the game and then went into his kitchen. Upon entering his kitchen, Kevin noticed his cat Thomas come through his little private cat door. Kevin said, “Thomas, had Mama fed you tonight?” His cat Thomas answered back with a muffled meow. Kevin repeated the question and Thomas gave the same muffled answer. Kevin then walked over to where he could see Thomas better and, to his shock, saw Thomas had a female Cardinal bird hanging from his mouth. Then quick as a cat (get it?), Thomas spit the Cardinal out. In an instant, Thomas leapt on the Cardinal and beat it do death with his paws. What are the odds? The only critter Thomas had ever brought into the house in five years had been a mouse. Yet on the night the Wildcats are beating the Cardinals in New Orleans, Thomas the Cat destroyed a Cardinal right here on Main Street in Cadiz. If the Louisville Cardinals think they had it bad, they need to think again. At least they made it through the night with their feathers intact. As a matter of fact, at least they just made through the night. It is no doubt as to who had the worst night on Saturday March 31, 2012. That would be none other than the Cadiz Cardinals.

The most amazing thing about the above story is that it is true. I cannot, however, attest to the validity of the story that Thomas the Cat was purportedly outside the Stroud residence hunting for Jayhawks on Monday night.

Wrongfully Accused

No, I am not talking about the acclaimed Leslie Neilson movie here. Wrongfully accused is another UK story, and this time it features Kevin Stroud’s older brother Donnie. Everyone has probably seen the popular license plates that read IAM4UK. They are novelty plates that people put on the front of their cars. Well, Donnie Stroud was the first person to have that plate as his actual license plate on the back of his car. This led to a few problems for ole Donnie. Donnie’s brother Kevin told the following, “You wouldn’t believe the number of times Donnie was subpoenaed to appear in court somewhere because someone had committed a crime and all the witnesses remembered was the IAM4UK novelty plate on the car. Ole Donnie would be in Clinton, Kentucky minding his own business with his car in the driveway. Meanwhile he was getting blamed for violations in whatever city UK fans were traveling to. It may have been robbing a liquor store in Miami or a bar fight in Atlanta. Either way, Donnie was just a victim of being wrongfully accused due to his IAM4UK license plate. How about that?

Last but not least. I want to thank all the folks that take time to tell me how much they enjoy my column. It means so much to me. I am very humbled by the calls, cards and comments. Your positive reinforcement gives me the fuel to keep writing. The success of my column is not due to my writing ability. It is simply due to the fact that I have the best people in the world to write about. I thank you for that.

OT: Speaking of writing. I would like to give a shout out to some of my former teachers who inspired me to love reading and writing during my school years. Here goes. Thank you Ms. Geneva Guinn, Judy Thomas, Pat Hall and Jane Ellen Wilson.

Enthusiasm Makes the Difference

Mike Wright is the head coach of boys basketball and cross country at Trigg County High School. Emails concerning Coach’s Corner can be sent to

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