How can government best tackle health issues?
by Carl McCammon, Contributor
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Once again, our various governments are trying to mess with our daily lives. Now it’s obesity, and they want to limit the size of soft drink we can buy. If this continues, the day will come when every food item at the local market will be packaged in specific sizes to meet government intake regulations.

Sounds terrific. Just like octane in gasoline.

In the good old days, we were afforded an opportunity to learn about these life-threatening circumstances in school. In my day, I can remember (now, easy on the groans) we had a weekly health class that dealt with local, national and international health issues pertinent to our times. This was an elementary class, and based on my limited memory, we discussed diseases like polio, mumps, chicken pox, whooping cough and so on.

Today, it seems we cannot afford the luxury of teaching our children how to avoid or prevent these diseases from impacting their lives. With all the budget cuts in education, we have difficulty covering text book costs, let alone introducing a whole new course on serious medical issues such as obesity, diabetes, cancer AIDS, drug abuse, etc.

However, if we think outside the box, perhaps there is a way to deliver this valuable information to our students so that it makes a lasting impression.


To accommodate state regulations that control education and how it is delivered, have the states set up the criteria as to how and when this related claass can be inserted into “the system” – e.g., grade 3 at 9 a.m. on Fridays (probably oversimplified).

Once the guidelines and formats are established, have those institutions that already have the knowledge, financial resources and will in fact benefit from the awareness factor produce the related wellness videos, apps and/or CDs for the kids to watch at home or in school. Perhaps a good parent/child project as both are equally affected.

These well-known institutions are already spending millions of dollars on their own related campaigns. Now, here is an opportunity to put all this research to good use and create effrective learning tools that will save lives and money. I am speaking of none other than the governments, insurance companies and healthcare delivery system.

Voila! All done, and we the people receive an important, no-cost, no-tentacle benefit. What a great place to live!

What do you think?

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