COACH'S CORNER: Now entering the 48th Grade
by Mike Wright, Cadiz Record Columnist
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Now let me see. That would be right wouldn’t it? I think this year makes the 48th grade for me. Let’s add it up. One year of kindergarten followed by grades one through twelve added to five years of college plus thirty years teaching makes me a 48th grader. Wow! That doesn’t include school time spent on my Masters plus all the other schools one attends in life such as Sunday School and the school of Hard Knocks…. (falling into ravines, breaking bones and the such)

Think about it for a moment. For 48 consecutive years I have been getting up and going to some sort of school. Guess what? Aw shucks, I will just tell you. This is my last year of school. I am finally going to graduate or maybe retire is the better word. As retirement surely comes so does a flood of memories from all the experiences that I have had in 48 years of school. I so badly wish that I had kept a dairy from day one in kindergarten to now. You talk about a best seller. The stories I would have about the colorful characters that I have come into contact with would be endless. Hey, you know what? I actually have most of those stories. They are stored in my own version of a hard drive, known as my memory. Maybe I can share some of those with you as I progress throughout this last year. Let me wet your appetite with a few names you might remember.

How about my elementary teachers? They were in order: Mrs. Duke Burnett, Mrs. Francis Handley, Mrs. Earl Ford, Mrs. June Kennedy, Mrs. Geneva Guinn and Mrs. Judy Thomas. Those names ring a bell?

How about my Junior High teachers? Mrs. Fortner, Mr. Mull, Mrs. Baith, Mr. Eagleson, Ms. Pat Hall, Mr. Norris Baker, Mrs. Deborah Bridges, Coach Buddy Sivills and Mr. Hargrove.

In high school it was Mrs. Jane Ellen Wilson, Marie Cunningham, Rebecca Cunningham, Nancy Perkins, Karen Watkins, Joyce Bozarth, Coach Jim Wallace, Shelton Bowen, John Keyser, Glenn Whobrey, Coach Buddy Perry, Coach Joe Jaggers and the one and only Bill Jones. I am sure I left out many.

As I think back over most of those above names I can think of a story that goes with nearly each of them. How about just one for today? It was 1967 and I was in the second grade. Mrs. Ford called Eric Knight and myself to her desk. She said, “Boys, I want you two to clean my chalk board for me.” We said OK and went to the board and began erasing it. She then proclaimed rather sternly, “Be sure to put some elbow grease on it!” Eric looked at me and said, “Reckon where she keeps the elbow grease?” I replied, “Probably over their in her locker in the corner of the room.” So we walked over and started rummaging through the things in her locker looking for the elbow grease. She asked us what we were doing and we told her that we were looking for the bottle of elbow grease. Mrs. Ford nearly died laughing right there in Trigg County Elementary School as she explained to us that by talking about elbow grease she was talking about effort. Now all you loyal readers be sure and cut Eric and I a break. We were only in the second grade.

Over the next few months I will share some more light moments from 48 years of school and some wonderful memories as well.

OT: The Trigg County Church Softball Tournament is right around the corner. Contact Scotty Hampton if your church is interested.

OTT: Contact Keith Simonson if you are interested in playing in the Upward Basketball Golf Scramble coming in early September.

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