Write me a letter! I really like letters! Go write one now!
by Justin McGill, General Manager -- jmcgill@cadizrecord.com
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On several occasions, I’ve noted to folks about a certain phenomenon that tends to impact our newspaper. It may even effect your lives in ways you haven’t noticed.

It seems that our community might go several months – a year or more, even – without anything terribly out of the ordinary happening. Of course, there are always big events going on around us, but many of them are planned events, like the Ham Festival. Being a small community, many lives tend to revolve around things going on with our school system.

Then, out of nowhere, we might have a sudden rush of activity, as if cosmic forces are aligning to make up for all the laid-back-edness we’ve enjoyed in the preceding time.

The same idea applies to communication we receive from readers. Anyone can go through our log of back issues and note stretches of several weeks in which we receive no letters to the editor, which is also typically an indication of how much in-person, telephone and email communication we’ve received.

Then, we’ll have a paper with five letters. Then another with two or three. Then another. And another.

Don’t get me wrong, ‘cause I’m not complaining about getting letters. I’d rather we had more, to be honest.

Anyway, in addition to the ones on this page, I had a couple others this week that I wanted to call special attention to. One is something that I might not have noticed otherwise and comes from Rockcastle Shores resident Bruce Erwin.

“Wonder how many Cadiz folks realize the satellite shot on Google Maps was taken most likely on a Saturday or Sunday during the Ham Festival? When zoomed in to maximum, it shows all of the tents lined up along Main Street and festival goers walking Main. Isn’t that a coincidence?”

Good eye, Bruce.

The other comes from reader David Redman, whose memory was jogged by Mike Wright’s column in last week’s issue.

“Mike, as I do every week, I read your Coach’s Corner. I remember Jim Gentry well. Your mention of the Youth Trip to Possum Kingdom in Texas brought back many memories as my son David Jr. was on that trip, as well. I believe one of your projects was building a baseball field. I still have a large black mosquito with a white cowboy hat that David brought me from that trip. Wish I could attend the revival but health and distance prevent me from attending.”

I’d love to see that mosquito.

So, keep in mind that I love getting letters, whether it’s about something we’ve printed or something we might not have noticed, even if it’s something as brief and simple as a Google Maps image.

(As an aside, here’s a challenge: Look at the image and see if you can find your car parked in one of the lots. Many, many cars are visible. Bonus points if you can find yourself walking downtown.)

If it’s in the nature of our readers to only send letters every so often, and if that means that we have to deal with weeks of letters-less issues ... maybe I should challenge you to fight that nature.

Write me a letter!

Justin McGill is the general manager of The Cadiz Record and can be reached by email at jmcgill@cadizrecord.com.
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