Planning Commission stipend? New school tax?
by Carl McCammon, Contributor
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I have a couple of comments for you to gnaw on, and they both originated from last weeks paper.

The first concerns the Planning Commission suggestion that they receive a stipend for serving on the board. I can understand seeking reimbursement for costs related to a conference that keeps them current with what is going on in their world. This knowledge would support their efforts and keeps them apprised of new planning strategies.

However, looking for compensation to serve on this board goes against the grain of a basic element that makes this community so special – volunteerism. There are hundreds of people who devote countless hours to help this community in so many ways, and they do it without any reservations. Furthermore, implementing this policy would set a dangerous precedent whereby every other commission/board could ask for the same stipend. What would you suggest as a reasonable solution to this request?

The second comes from the article that talks about the new proposed tax for the School Board. Now, put away the tar and feathers, because I am a huge fan of the Trigg County School System. I have never seen or worked with a more dedicated group of educators, both past and present, who are totally commited to providing our kids with the best possible education.

However, what shocks and horrifies me is the statement that our students have been using the same math textbooks for eight years, I mean EIGHT YEARS. That’s like showing up at work one day and there is a brand new computer sitting on your desk. However, the manual was written eight years ago. You could probably turn it on, but you would never realize it’s full capability. We must provide our teachers and our students with the tools to compete with the higher educational standards set by other countries.

Now here comes the part you will not like. Where I come from – Canada, another Democratic country with some procedural differences – education has always been funded by Federal and Provincial (State) subsidies. In reality, this means you and I. Canadians enjoy one of the best educational sytems in the world today, and college education is much more affordable than it is here. An example would be the top university in Canada – McGill University in Montreal – costs Canadian students approximately $7000.00 a year, which is considerably less than Murray State and Western Kentucky and well below attending a Harvard-type school.

Canadians have always been willing to pay the cost to maintain certain worldwide standards, and some day, so are we. How do you like them apples?

What do you think?

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