COACH'S CORNER: That fast walking woman, part 2
by Mike Wright, Cadiz Record Columnist
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Last week, I told you about perhaps the most prolific woman walker in the history of Trigg County. That would be none other than retired educator and current city council woman Susan Bryant. I also concluded last week’s column with a promise that I would tell you why Mr. Mitchell Bryant wouldn’t go pick his wife up if she is caught walking in the middle of a storm. Let me fill you in on that right here at the start.

The answer is simple. She, Mrs. Bryant, won’t get in the vehicle. Early on in her walking career, Mitchell would venture out to pick up his wife if it was raining or if there was a tornado warning out or any kind of adverse weather. He quickly learned that when she set out on a walk, she intended to finish it without any aide. Mrs. Bryant also said, “I appreciate the many people that have offered me rides in inclement weather over the years. One factor of my not accepting rides in and out of the rain is I just didn’t want to get the people’s car soaking wet.” Mrs. Bryant did accept a ride once, however. Years ago, she was walking and she tripped and fell. She had a broken elbow, chipped tooth and was bleeding. She actually accepted a ride home that day, but even then, she insisted on getting in the bed of the pickup that stopped for her.

There are a couple of other things that I thought were interesting when I interviewed Mrs. Bryant about her years of walking. One is that Mitchell used to help Mrs. Bryant and her sister Layton train for races and marathons by taking them up to 10-to-15 miles out of town and dropping them out on the side of the road. From that point, they would walk back home.

Another unique thing about Mrs. Bryant’s walking is that she can turn it into a campaign if she desires. Mrs. Bryant has served on the Cadiz City Council for multiple terms. She does not do a lot of campaigning in order to get elected. She will occasionally and quietly wear a T-shirt while walking that announces her candidacy close to election time. I believe it simply reads, “Vote For Me.” Along those lines, citizens often stop her during her walks, wanting to discuss issues dealing with the city.

Walking has been a family affair as well for Mrs. Bryant. Her previously mentioned sister Layton often walked with her and attended many of the races as well. Mrs. Bryant even shared a special memory of how she had walked in a race with their son Lee before. Their daughter Landee would go out with her mother walking when she was little. Often, however, by the time they made it home, Landee would be riding on Mrs. Bryant’s back.

Another question I asked Mrs. Bryant was, what is your favorite route to walk? She replied, “My favorite walk is down Main Street, into the park and back.”

Continuing with random information and facts: Although walking countless miles, a dog has never bitten Mrs. Bryant. Cars are more of a danger than dogs. She has had more than a few cars nearly run her in a ditch. She said drivers apparently turn to look at and see who is walking. They then tend to veer in that direction and sometimes nearly run off the road. Mrs. Bryant has also been stopped many times and asked for directions and info about Cadiz and Trigg County as she walked.

Summing it all up, Mrs. Susan Bryant has logged many a mile on the streets of Cadiz. She has walked in the sun, rain, sleet, snow and hail. She has gone on through tornado warning and high winds. She walks because she enjoys it. She says walking gives her a time to think and meditate. I say, walk on Mrs. Bryant. You are a fixture in Cadiz. The streets wouldn’t be the same without you.

What does her husband Mitchell have to say about all that walking? Mitchell said, “What can I say? I am married to a street walker!”

Enjoy your time on the couch, Mitchell!

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Mike Wright is the head coach of boys basketball and cross country at Trigg County High School. Emails concerning Coach’s Corner can be sent to

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