Next time, I’ll include a note on why the Comics page is missing
by Justin McGill, General Manager --
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Let’s start this week’s column with a letter.

It has become a Thursday morning ritual to stop at a local gas station and get The Cadiz Record. Once at work, Trace Ind., the Record is looked at by everyone. Some of the articles are read out loud, lately Mr. Stagner and Coach Wright’s, just to name a few.

However, since the first of the year, we have been disappointed by the lack of our favorite part of our local paper – no comics, puzzle or trivia test.

Why? Is this going to be permanent? We hope not. We all really enjoyed laughing at Mama’s Boyz, trying to figure out the crossword and seeing how smart we are.

Please bring all of this back. We miss it.

Thank you,

Mike Tucker

First, Mr. Tucker, thanks for your letter. Second, rest assured that you and your co-workers are not the only ones wondering what happened to our Comics page.

The short answer is, we still have access to the Comics page. In fact, it’s actually in this very edition of the Record.

Here’s the long answer addressing why it was missing from recent issues.

Page count is something each newspaper has to deal with, and it can be particularly troublesome for a smaller publication like the Record.

The number of pages in a given issue is determined largely by the amount of advertising space reserved. There is a certain ads-to-editorial ratio that we aspire to reach each week.

For an edition featuring fewer advertisements than usual, the page count must be decreased. However, it’s not as simple as removing a page or two. Our technical specifications require that we increase or decrease page count in increments of four.

That means there may be a week in which we actually need 18 pages to reach our desired ad-to-editorial ratio, but those technical requirements would limit our choices to 16 pages or 20. In those instances, we’ll almost always drop to 16.

That means some things need to be rearranged and, in some cases, removed. In our previous January issues, our only option was to omit the Comics page.

Why? Because several features in the Record are sponsored by advertisers and must, therefore, appear as scheduled. Our Comics page is not one of these features. We’d certainly be interested in discussing a Comics sponsorship with any interested advertiser.

If history is any indication, the omission of the Comics page will very rarely be a concern for those readers who look forward to seeing it each week. We know it is a popular feature and have no plans to discontinue it at this time.

So, again, thanks to Mr. Tucker and the other readers who called our office to check on the Comics page.

And let this serve as a reminder to all our readers that we welcome and value your questions and input on The Cadiz Record.

Justin McGill is general manager of The Cadiz Record and can be reached by email at
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