COACH'S CORNER: Thoughts from my hospital bed
by Mike Wright, Cadiz Record Columnist
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If you are an old school sports fan you will remember Howard Cosell’s famous call from the George Foreman verses Joe Frazier fight. When Forman knocked Frazier to the canvas, Cosell belted out a series of the following rants “Down goes Frazier, down goes Frazier, down goes Frazier, down goes Frazier!” Well, if Cosell had of been in Trigg County the last two weeks, he might have said “Down goes Coach Wright, down goes Coach Wright, down goes Coach Wright!” Let me explain.

Somewhere around January 28th or so I had a bump appear on my right forearm. In a short amount of time the bump became more of a knot. It proceeded to get bigger and become infected. To make a long story short, I was eventually put in Trigg County Hospital for three days, then transferred to Murray Calloway County Hospital. The end result was surgery on my right arm. I gave you all that information so you would understand my title a little better. You see, when one is in the hospital; one has much time to think. Therefore today I will share a few random thoughts with you that I had from my hospital bed.

1.As Jim Wallace once said, “A hospital is no place for a sick person.” I think Wallace meant that there is just no rest to be found when you are hooked up to machines and someone is constantly sticking a needle in you.

2.Hospitals shouldn’t have to boast that they are friendly and caring. That should be a given. Every service business should have those characteristics. By the way, the folks at Trigg County Hospital were very caring.

3.The Trigg County Hospital cafeteria is now my 3rd favorite restaurant in Trigg County. The food was incredible. I am talking no complaints here. They must have a gourmet chef working down there. Each meal was better than the last and I finished my stay with a perfect six out of six cleaned plates. The staff told me that was a new hospital record.

4.I had a room with a view. Due to my illness I had to miss eight consecutive days of school. My hospital room gave me a great view of the students getting off of the bus and entering school. The gym was also directly in my line of sight. That was pretty cool.

5.After having coached over 600 consecutive games I had to miss two in a row while in the hospital. Wouldn’t you know it? The first one was against Hopkinsville, which was ranked, 7th in the state. I hated to have to put that off on Assistant Rex Booth. As a matter of fact I tried to get the doctor to release me but to no avail. However, it was also nice knowing that Booth was up to the challenge since he is truly one of the best young coaches in the state of Kentucky.

6.It was a blessing to be able to listen to WKDZ through the app on my smart phone while in Murray Hospital.

7.Scott Brown really produces a professional broadcast with his musical intros and all the little things he includes in his production.

8.You have not lived until you have had Ladonna Diggs pray over you in the hospital.

9.Speaking of Ladonna, she watched a good part of the Super Bowl with my wife and I in the hospital. She claimed that she didn’t know much about football but as the game wore on she would make some of the most insightful comments I have ever heard. It was like watching the game with a hyped up John Madden.

10.What little I went through in the hospital made me really feel for folks such as Carolyn Bland and Carolyn Merrick. My situation was a drop in the bucket compared to what those two fine ladies have experienced.

Well, even though folks were nice to me and I had lots of great company along with the aforementioned good food, it is great to be back in the game of life. Speaking of games, the 5th District Basketball Tournament will be held next week at Trigg County High School. Our girls will play on Monday Feb. 18th and our boys on the 19th. PLEASE come out and support our Lady Cats and Wildcats. It will be a bittersweet time for yours truly. Sweet to have the district at home but bittersweet to know that it will be the last games I will ever coach in Trigg County gym after 30 years of doing so. I will cherish every memory as I climb the steps to the locker room for that last pre-game and post-game talk. Most of all, I will cherish relationships that I have built with all of all the great young ladies, young men, assistant coaches, officials, media and fans over the years.

I sincerely hope you will put aside the remote and come out and support our teams in this year’s district tournament. See you at the gym.

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Mike Wright is the head coach of boys basketball and cross country at Trigg County High School. Emails concerning Coach’s Corner can be sent to

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