‘Not the right time’ for proposed restaurant tax
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To the editor:

I am 61 years old, and this is my first letter to the editor, but I feel I must respond to Mr. Batt’s letter. Even though I don’t agree with him, I respect his view- point.

I have been an owner and operator of a restaurant within the city limits for over 25 years. I have seen so many changes, some good and some bad. I was at the Cadiz Restaurant when I-24 opened. We were told it would be good for business. Although the interstate was greatly needed, it took 25 percent of my business. I was not in the restaurant business when the by-pass opened, but I’m sure the restaurants in town were impacted by it. Now they tell me we need to charge our customers 3 percent more to help bring in the tourists. Once again, they tell me it will be good for business.

Over 75 percent of my business during the week is local. They come in the mornings for coffee and breakfast. They came back again at lunch and sometimes dinner. Why should they have to pay a tax that will benefit the restaurants and attractions outside city limits; when their customers won’t have to pay it?

I realize tourists are important to all of us in Trigg County. I truly appreciate their business, but I am honored when local people eat at my restaurant. These people are very special to me, and I thank them.

Mr. Batts was very wrong when he said a cup of coffee costing a dollar will only be a $1.03 total. It will be $1.09 with sales tax added in. It’s easy for him to support this tax, because he won’t have to charge his customers the extra 3 percent.

The bottom line for me is, I don’t need another tax, and if I thought my customers could afford it I would have increased my prices 3 percent.

To most of us, a few cents won’t hurt us, but there are folks who will have a problem with it. How do I tell an elderly grandmother who brings her granddaughter and they order one plate lunch and one glass of tea- which they share, because she can’t afford to pay the price of two- that her meal is going to cost more? How do I explain to my waitresses their tips will be less because customers are leaving less money to make up the difference in the tax? Don’t tell me this won’t happen, because it does every time we increase our prices.

This is not a fair tax. If the restaurants in the city limits are affected, then the restaurants in the county should also be included.

I’ve lived in Trigg County all of my life. I want the very best for all of us. We know the economy is tight. This is just not the right time to impose another tax.

Suzanne Henry, owner/operator, Cadiz Family Restaurant
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