Sorry to dump on you, but I’ve got frustration, and it’s got to go ... now
by Justin McGill, General Manager --
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Keeping frustration bottled up in the body is unhealthy, so they say (whoever “they” are). With that in mind, here’s what’s bugging me this week.


Politics. Imagine that.

I often feel I’m all alone in my views on government. Ironically, I’m quite sure that I’m not.

A refresher: I’m a registered Democrat, but solely for purposes of voting in Primary Elections, as the majority of local office candidates during my voting years have been Democrats. If Primaries were open to all voters, I’d change my affiliation to Independent.

Why? Because, in general, our system of government is broken.

Broken by the slavish devotion most elected officials apply to the needs of their parties – ahead of the needs of the people.

Broken by the ridiculously loud and annoying minority of citizens who blindly follow the words of those officials – and their pseudo-media mouthpieces – whose sole aim, it often seems, is to make sure their party “wins” and the other “loses,” regardless of what either of those terms means in context.

Broken by the disenfranchisement of voters – like me, admittedly – who stand by and watch, exhibiting disgust yet doing little (if any) more than those who simply parrot the views of their chosen “leaders.”

Broken by the media, which has had its power usurped, its purpose corrupted, its priorities perverted.

And we’re supposed to be the Democratic model for the entire world? I can’t imagine wanting to live under the thumb of a dictatorial regime or any other leadership group that is overtly oppressive, but considering the ongoing destruction of the Greatest Nation in the World, it seems that attempting to mirror the United States has nearly become a lateral move.

How do we fix it? In specific terms, I don’t know, which is perhaps most frustrating. All I know is, when I see something is wrong, I recognize it’s wrong. And the CNN/FOX News-soundbite-obsessed culture our government has devolved into is, simply, wrong.


Sometimes, it’s hard to explain exactly what all my job at The Cadiz Record entails. The short answer is, everything.

Why? Small staff.

That’s why it amazes me when someone tries to tell me that “someone at the paper” did them a special favor or gave them a piece of information that they shouldn’t have been able to access.

I can’t sneeze without everyone in the office knowing about it. How do you expect me or one of my employees to get away with doing something shady under the table without it being noticed? Not to mention the fact that, quite frankly, we’re just not those kinds of people.

It’s a flimsy lie, folks. Worse than that, I take it personally.

Common sense. Is that too much to ask?

Justin McGill is general manager of The Cadiz Record and can be reached by email at
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