A love-hate relationship
by Kullen Garner, Cadiz Record Contributing Writer
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I think I speak for all children when I say that writing is not at the top of your list of priorities while you are coming of age. Very few kids find it enjoyable for that matter. I can’t deny I was one of those kids! While I enjoyed reading about the things I was most interested in, I didn’t really care for writing.

This all changed when a terrible event led me to realize the impact you can have on people through writing. So much so that I have decided to further my education in journalism and eventually pursue a career in writing. I am aware that is a drastic turnaround, but it came after I read an article that made a part of me come alive that I didn’t know existed.

When college basketball coaching legend Rick Majerus passed away, Seth Davis, a college basketball writer and analyst for Sports Illustrated, wrote a piece that touched me and inspired me to write for the rest of my life.

Typically, I am not a fan of Seth Davis or any of his work. In my opinion, he is an egotistical maniac who hates successful programs and always accuses young athletes of cheating. This from a man who makes his living off of the vulnerable student-athletes who are just trying to get an education and enjoy playing the sport they love. However, his farewell piece on Majerus roused my emotions and made me see both Davis and Majerus in a new light.

As I was just growing up in the 2000s, I felt that Majerus was past his heyday. Davis changed my perspective with his article by showing the real Rick Majerus and what I had missed over the years.

In the farewell article, Davis wrote about the big man, Majerus, as a human being, not as a coach. This was surprising to me, and as I read along, it just got better. He could describe Majerus’ life as if he had been there with him through every piece of it.

I vividly remember Davis describing the way Majerus lived and how all of the riches that Majerus had acquired over the years did not attribute to his happiness. In all actuality, Majerus was a sad man with a routine life. He had virtually no family and lived out of a hotel. While he was very proud of his successes as a coach, Majerus felt as if he had missed out on so much as a person. With no family, Majerus used the next closest thing in his life to fill that gap – the media. This burns in my mind still. Davis was a part of the media, which in part made him a part of Majerus’ family.

This bond between Majerus and Davis is what drew me to journalism. They were, in fact, what I just called them – a family. When Majerus was around the media, he was around the people who made him feel comfortable. He may have lived in hotels, but when he was with media, he was at home.

At the end of the article, Davis talked about how Majerus inspired him. I shared in this inspiration as I finished reading and longed to share that inspiration with others. In life, you meet people much like Davis and Majerus – people who change how you view things. These people make you want to strive to be as great as you can at whatever you choose to do. Before I read Davis’ article, I was very much undecided as to which avenue I wanted to tread through life. I was your typical teenager who was just going through the everyday motions of life – school, chores and golf practice. However, as I was reading the article, I could picture myself in the front seat of Majerus’ car as a young writer living story by story, paycheck to paycheck. To most people, I am positive this is not their certain utopia, but for me it sounds like an amazing dream. Hearing stories face to face from the heroes of my youth would be the most remarkable fulfillment of my dreams.

I have heard adults talk about the moment in their life when everything seems to click – everything that has always seemed so confusing suddenly makes sense. This article by Seth Davis was that moment for me.

Kullen Garner is a contributing writer for The Cadiz Record. Emails for Kullen can be sent to jmcgill@cadizrecord.com.
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