COACH'S CORNER: A story that has to be true
by Mike Wright, Cadiz Record Columnist
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Let me tell you something about writing a column. It can be tougher than it looks. Any column starts with an idea or a story and those such things just don’t automatically present their selves to this writer on a regular basis every week. Therefore I have to keep my ears to the ground in order to serve the fine and loyal readers of the Coach’s Corner column. Just the other day with that previously mentioned ear hugging the ground I heard a story that I feel compelled to tell you.

First of all the man that told this tale is a very distinguished man. He was also speaking to a group of very high intellect when he spun this yarn. Whether it is true of not I don’t know. Maybe some of you readers out there can let me know if this actually happened.

The story goes like this. Over a half a century ago the city of Cadiz got its first motorized police car. It caused quite the stir. The car hadn’t been in service long when a call came in to the station reporting a crime in progress. The caller reported that a group of women were swimming nude in Little River right off the old South Road Bridge. Now the old South Road Bridge was located about a quarter of mile behind Cadiz Baptist Church. The old bridge had been out for decades now but that used to be the main way across Little River heading south. Well, back to the police. Now a call like that, women swimming in the nude in Little River, was something that apparently had to be addressed quickly. Legend has it that the police chief sped toward the scene of the heinous crime. Upon arriving he parked the cruiser on the steep bank overlooking the river. He gazed down on the women to find that they all actually had on bathing suits. The suits just happened to be white suits. When the white bathing suits mixed with the cream colored mud from Little River it just sort of made the women appear to be naked from a distance. So there was no crime committed and the chief turned to go back to his cruiser. Now, that is where the story gets interesting.

In the chiefs haste to investigate the nude swimmers he had hurriedly parked his new police car. He had left the straight shift vehicle in neutral of out of gear. This meant that it would roll if not on perfectly level ground. By the time the chief turned around, the cruiser had done just that. To his horror he watched as his cruiser rolled right off into the river and sank down to where the catfish roamed.

As legend has it, it took a major effort to pull the car out of the Little River. Now I have told you the story as I heard it. You let me know. Truth or fiction? I would really like to know.

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Mike Wright is the former head coach of boys basketball and cross country at Trigg County High School. Emails concerning Coach’s Corner can be sent to

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