COACH'S CORNER: Summertime employment
by Mike Wright, Cadiz Record Columnist
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Sivills Brothers Summers, Part 1

Hey, good to see you again. Well you know what I mean. Last week, I brought you a column on work ethic. This week, I am once again focusing in on a work-related topic. Here goes.

Summer is here, school is out and many of the young people of Trigg County are looking for work. There is a limited number of places in Trigg County that offer summer jobs to high school-age students. Everyone should be thankful for the employers that will give young folks here the opportunity to make a few dollars in the summertime. I know I sure was thankful for the ones that hired me back in the 1970s. I am not even sure they all needed help. I think folks back then as some do now just hired young people as part of the many ways they gave back to the community.

A good example of giving back to the community was Scott and Buddy Sivills. Scott and Buddy ran the Sivills United Food Center for 18 years. Buddy was there for 10 of those 18 and Scott for all of them. I was fortunate to have worked several summers there during my high school and college years. Each day, I drive past the pile of rubble that was once the old store and I can’t help but think, “Man, if those ole bricks and blocks could only talk.” Since the bricks and blocks can’t talk and I can, let me tell you what it was like during my Sivills Brothers Summers.

First, it obviously started with the brothers themselves, Scott and Buddy. Scott, a workaholic, was the veteran grocery store guy. He would get there early and leave late. He had been working for years as a butcher at another store. Buddy was a former teacher and coach. Basically, Scott ran the meat department and Buddy the store. Believe you me, running a grocery store involves a huge amount of time and commitment. I think both of them would testify to that. The brothers were hard-working, no-nonsense men who expected you to do your job. Still, however, they provided a great work environment which turned out to be filled with laughter and fun.

I still remember many of the people I worked with back in the day. There was Mr. Roscoe Calhoun, Jerry “Shaker” Bush and Henrietta P’Pool. Lilly Wharton, Sammie Radford and Gina Hillman ran the cash registers along with the now Kathy Woods. Brian Stallons helped in the meat department. Bill Fort and I did a lot of the stocking of shelves and carried out the groceries. In the later days, Randolph Crenshaw and Shea Boy Walker took over where we left off.

I will give you one story this week before I close and then next week I will bring you the rest of the stories from my Sivills Brothers Summers.

This week’s story is about tipping. Back in that era of the ‘70s, there were two ladies that every carry out boy would practically fight for the right to take out their groceries. That was Ms. Jane Bailey and Ms. Mary Jolly. That was because they would tip you up to two dollars for taking their groceries out to their car. That was part of our job back then, anyway. We didn’t expect a tip. When either one of those ladies pulled into the parking lot, we would all start jockeying for position. Fortunate was the one that got to carry out for them. To this day, I can remember their generosity.

Next week, I will pull a few more stories out of the rubble.

OT: Still to come The Western Ky Trail Riders!

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